Welcome to the Shooting Lab

"Give a player a basketball and he will play for a season, teach a player how to shoot the basketball and he will play for a lifetime." - Coach Miro

Miroslav Zlatkovic

Experienced international coach, who loves teaching players to play the right way. Helping teams and players improve their game for the last 20+ years.


Years of Coaching

Evolve your game! Learn how to Shoot!

As a coach I will focus on all aspects of your game, or the team, but at the end of the day some things are a must in todays basketball. Shooting being one of them. In todays game everyone can shoot, from Point Guards to Centers. This is where you need a coach like me. I offer:







What I bring as your Basketball Coach!

23+ Years of Experience!

Professional Team Coaching

Coach Miro is a professional coach with vast international experiences working on all levels and age groups.

Miro's Network

With Coach Miro you gain access to a vast network of other professionals that could guide your to a professional career.

Innovative Practices

Practices should be fun and should work for the future of your playing career. With Coach Miro you get creative and goal oriented practices.

Online Workouts

Can't come to Coach, it is no problem all you need is a phone with internet and a place to hoop and we can work on your game anytime anywhere.


There is nothing without a good plan, even Batman has a plan for when he doesn't have a plan. That's where Coach Miro comes in to help you or your team!

Certain Development

You will see improvements in your game after only a few sessions with Coach Miro, it will be your best investment in yourself and your career as a pro basketball player.

International Coach of TEAMS & CAMPS

Vast experience around the globe.

Coached Professional Players

Those are some of the noticeable players Coach Miro worked with:
Kenny Baptiste
Kenny Baptiste
Elan Chalon LNB PRO A France
Kenny Baptiste is a professional basketball with experiences in the French national team and is currently playing for Chalon in the LNB PRO A France league.
Aleksandar Mitrovic
Aleksandar Mitrovic
Ex-Partizan Belgrade Player
Aleksandar Mitrovic
Lois Grasshoff
Lois Grasshoff
Le Mans
Lois Grasshoff French National team player.

Coach Miroslav Gallery

Coach Miro in action, coaching around the globe!